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Frequently Asked Questions (continued)
Who can benefit from Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is the largest worldwide alternative to mainstream medicine and offers the most effective treatment for simple sub-acute illnesses, recurrent chronic disorders and even those undiagnosed because homeopathy treats the whole Individual and not the diagnostic label of the disorder. It has a lot to offer at different ages and listed below are just some of the conditions where wonderfully gratifying results are produced.
* Childhood illness
like Earaches, Colic, Bedwetting,
* Recurrent diarrhea, mal-absorption syndrome,
* difficult dentition,
* Attention deficit disorders,
* Hyper-activity and destructiveness
* Recurrent colds,
* Bronchitis,
* adenoids and
* asthma
* Emotional disorders
* Anxiety disorders,
* Obsessive-compulsive disorders,
* irritable bowel syndrome,
* panic attacks, insomnia,
* depression,
* personality disorders,
* Digestive problems
Like Indigestion, heart burn, flatulence, constipation, amoebic infection, ulcerative colitis
* Female disorders
Menstrual disorders, Infertility, PMS, sexual disorders, pregnancy and related problems
* General
renal infections and renal calculi acne, uticaria allergies, chronic pruritus, Warts, impotency, prostatitis, migrane, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue circulatory and neurological disorders. Please inquire for other conditions that can be treated
Q How safe is Homeopathy?
A Homeopathic remedies cannot cause side effects or addictions, nor do they harm the body in any way. Homeopathy is Naturally safe as it relies upon the body’s self healing functions and also because it is almost impossible to stimulate the body to harm itself In fact it can safely be used during Pregnancy and nursing, for newborns and toddlers alike. Click here if you have more questions

Q What will happen when I take Homeopathic treatment?
A The right remedy will stimulate the body to cure your disease symptoms and the disease will then abate. In addition the correct homeopathic prescription should also produce a marked improvement in your general health. Patients usually report a substantial improvement in energy levels, productivity, ability to handle stress, emotional stability and a sense of well-being are the most common “side-effects” of the correct prescription. Homeopathy promotes health, improves energy and frees you to do more with less Attention to your body.

Q How do I start treatment?
A You need to make an appointment. Usually the first time you will be required to give your detailed case lasting an hour and half. During this time you will be required to give information that is specific to you e.g your mental/emotional make-up your food prefrences, moods, physical symptoms etc. Based on your case a remedy would be prescribed. Subsequently you will be required to have follow-up visits usually 2-3 weeks. This is intended to monitor the dosage and your progress.

Q How long will the treatment take?
A The length of the treatment depends on the type of the problem. It also depends on how chronic the problem is and how long the patient has been suffering.